Field Mouse LP2

I've been sorta living out of Headroom, the studio where we're making the record. We finished tracking on Saturday and started mixing Tuesday. I've never had such a gratifying studio experience in my life, and even though I won't miss having stress dreams nightly, I will miss working with the band and Joe Reinhart everyday. Here are some photos we took during the past two weeks there!


Staring at the computer working on the final lyrics/harmonies before we start recording the new Field Mouse album at the end of the month. We are working with Joe Reinhart, our friend who makes wonderful sounds and music at his studio Headroom. 

This week is exciting because, aside from getting these last parts of the demos re-done, my other band Anomie is playing a benefit show for Girls Rock Philly. Girls Rock is one of my favorite organizations and the bands we are playing with (Palm, Speedy Ortiz, Downtown Boys) are incredible. 

I am tired but it is worth it! 

New website!

I've been putting this off for a very, very long time. I'll be updating this often! Hello!

This will serve as a portfolio space, and I'm hoping it will push me to work harder on new things. I'm just beginning to put together the visual art section, and will also be adding a lyric section.